Lord Captain Alexander Black


WS, BS, S(34), T(42), Ag(39), Int(48), Per(35), Wp(32), Fel(60)
Fate Points = 3
Profit Factor = 30
Wounds = 12
Armour = 6 Everywhere


I am Lord Captain Alexander Black, head of the Black Dynasty and the only one left since the attack on my family. The Black dynasty was well known in the Calixis sector and was expanding our influence into the Kronous expanse. It was then my family was attack by vile Dark Eldar and they destroyed almost everything. I will have my revenge on the xenos and all tratiors that betrayed my family. The Black family will be known again the Emperor as my witness.

I was taught by the greatest sword masters in the sector in how to use a blade, the rest of my family. But I found it easier to wield then the rest of my siblings. being able to strike down my foes with no quarter given be they xenos or man. Alas the greatest part of my family treasures was stolen.

Everything I own is aboard my ship, The Blackest Blade, Frigate class vessel. Been in the Black family for centuries from the original design, of all the years I’ve been on the ship is still holds many secrets that I don’t know. My oldest friend and retainer of the Black family William White is my most loyal member of my crew.

I will do nothing to stain my family’s name and I will brook no insult, to myself, my crew and my ship.

Lord Captain Alexander Black

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