Against the Eldar: The Revenge of Alexander Black

Session #2: The Frozen Reaches #1: High Dining

Shortly after entering normal space after the last adventure, our heroes are contacted via Astropathic Choir for aid, calling for all ships in the area to help against the approaching ork invasion to the Forellis system.
Shortly after touching down on the main planet Damaris, a planet with it’s moon converted to a Bulwark space station, the players are greeted by their liason Jorun and introduced to the local government: an ineffectual drug addicted fop who got this position because his siblings all died in the line of duty, a task that the governor is NOT prepared to do. after a short chat with the people who are actually running the show (or at least watching them argue for half an hour then leave in a huff), the governor, who introduces himself as Kapak and asks for the Rogue Trader and his crew to take charge in this matter and get the tree people in charge of all the forces to work together: Captain Elizabeth Orleans , Lady Silvia Locke and General Remi Dante.
The group is then invited to go to a party which has all the above attending. General Dante and Sam get along swimmingly and organise a contract, with the condition that afterwards they help Dante take over the planet. Captain Locke, a captain in the Imperial Navy, she recently received orders to abandon the planet! She has already swore to defend Damaris, and doesn’t want to break the treaty, seeing that she can secure this in the Black’s crew, she agrees to support the cause but ONLY with the players controlling the situation because of previous disagreements with Dante.
The players also get a couple of trade agreements with Lady Orleans and her support after successfully getting the support of the other two.
Penniesworth tries and fails to hit on Orleans.
Next: WAR!… after a quick interlude.


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