Against the Eldar: The Revenge of Alexander Black

Session #5: Snokgritz

After a long delay, some rightful punshment is delivered!

Following the Eldar’s intel, the Blackest Blade spots Snokgritz’s battle cruzer, and it’s making a hasty retreat to the Rok Construction Platform on Damaris’ outer orbiting gas giant Skaldi’s moon.

A blow from the previous fights has damaged it, so the Captain, alongside Navigator Whu, enlist the help of the head Telepathic Choir (not their first choice, but they ran out of other options) to assault the Cruzer!

Along the way, they meet the Pilot, who apologizes for his absence, pointing out a cast on his arm, but he assigns a transport, alongside a crew assigned by Arch Militant Sam; Lieutenant Palmer, and Medic Red.

After a quick squabble over who can pilot the transport the best (turning out to be the Captain, surprisingly), they charge off towards the Cruzer, with covering Lance fire from the Blade to open a hole inside the ship.

Once inside, the party ambush a group of gretchin and an Ork Nob, dispatching most of them quickly, but the Nob takes a lidless stare to the face, ignores his stun (He’s just Too ’Ard To Care!) and takes a swing at Whu, who fails to dodge, chopper meets flesh and Whu is almost taken out with that one swing!

Thankfully, Medic Red, revealing himself to be Medcae R.E.D. of the Adeptus Mechanis delivers some battlefield surgery (mostly morphine, possibly some stitches). After a quick feel for the area and some reasoned guesses about what this ship used to be, the party arrives at the Bridge.

Meeting them there are 6 Orks (Left alive from all the fighting) and Snokgritz himself! Another Lidless stare and almost all the Orks keel over, but after the application of Pskyer powers, alongside a couple of Hotshot Laspistol fire and a heavy hit from an Archeotech laspistol, Snokgritz and the Ork meet their gods.
Good work team! Hopefully, the Eldar back at Damaris have more information to share…


CrmsnDragoon CrmsnDragoon

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