Against the Eldar: The Revenge of Alexander Black

Session #4: Frozen Reaches #3: WAR! FINALFREAKINGLY!

After assembling and rearranging troops and deploying them, there was a meeting between Our Favorite Lord Captain™ and all the major players. during this meeting, William White received news that the ship’s Navigator {NAMEHERE} is finally out of traction after an extended hospital visit that damaged his 3rd Eye. Just before the Navigator leaves for Damaris, the ship is contacted by a nearby Kroot Mercenary ship, which it then contacts.
After waiting a good 15 minutes, all the timekeepers in the war room stopped for a particularly long second, and the Navigator and the Kroot Mercenary troop arrives.
Introductions are made, then the warning klaxon sounds. The orks have arrived!
After a primary examination, and confirmation that the troop deployment was nearly perfect, the crew (after ALL SUCCEEDING AT A PERCEPTION ROLL, SOMEHOW.) see some Ork Kommando activity in some of the side streets, lead by an Ork Nob.
The group had some close calls, a quickly dispatched Attack Squig almost became a OSHA violation, and the Kroot suffered a couple of heavy blows, but the enemy was dispatched with relative ease.
With the defeat of the Ork insurgency, a Rok enters the nearby airspace. Before it lands, the High Crew are contacted with the news that a new ship part was found and restored to it’s former glory: The Teleportarium! After the High Crew are beamed up and ziplined to the bridge, they do combat with the Rok! and blow the bejeesus out of it in record time!

Then, Eldar Corsairs enter Damaris’s orbit, and offer information to find the Warboss.
To Be Continued…


CrmsnDragoon CrmsnDragoon

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