Against the Eldar: The Revenge of Alexander Black

Session #3: Frozen Reaches #2: War Prep

After our quick interlude, the Players finally make their preperations.
Penniesworth purchased a new Meltagun, and Cap’n Black forgot to purchase a Power Fist. (HINT HINT CAPTAIN BLACK HINT)
Troop placement for the first incursion was carried out, with great insight given via Xenos lore.
after inital preperations for the first week were completed, the group watched a pretty meteor shower, and were quickly informed by General Dante that an outpost auspex has gone quiet. Springing into action, the Captain and Penniesworth travelled to the outpost without support and crushed the Ork Kommandos that attempted to destroy the array!
Good Job Captain and Crew!


CrmsnDragoon CrmsnDragoon

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