Against the Eldar: The Revenge of Alexander Black

Session #2.5: Frozen Reaches #1.5: Intermission

Mission from the Ministorum

The sudden appearance of the Blackest Blade’s Cleric with a mission from the Ministorum causes Captain Black and Co to follow up the sudden appearance of Dark Eldar blades for sale in Damaris’ black market dealers.
After quickly tracking down such an establishment and burning the heretic that was willingly selling such blades, the crew is ambushed by the owner of such a blade: a Dark Eldar Kabbalite! One quick combat later, and the overconfident kabalite was captured and divulges the following:
The Black Dynasty was ransacked by a Dark Eldar Kabal called the Kabal of the Blade Breakers, known for their hate of swordsmen that follow honor instead of the pursuit of pleasure and pain on the battlefield
The Head of the Blade Breakers is Incubus Ka’ash Tho’quis, who lead the attack.
The Kabalite promptly died.


CrmsnDragoon CrmsnDragoon

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