Against the Eldar: The Revenge of Alexander Black

Session 1: The Righteous path

After meeting in the market square of the Kronus’ expanse’s main trade space station, and being ambushed, the players traveled to a distant solar system and landed on a ice moon of a gas giant and beat up a few orks and recruited Lady Ash, the psyker. after a quick bout of questioning they found a temple and activated it’s holoprojectors to point them in the direction of the ship, on a astroid at the edge of the solar system. when they arrived, their ship, the blackest blade, was attacked by Lady Ash’s employer, a rival rogue trader. what ensued was a short bout of ship combat and a boarding action, with the Lord Captain being catapaulted via ork tek into the bridge of the rival’s ship, and shortly after the rival was dead on the floor (and the walls, and the ceiling, and the- anyway) and the ship is looted.
Job well done, Lady Ash recruited as a standby NPC and profit was made.


CrmsnDragoon CrmsnDragoon

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